The Dream Hunter by Sherrilyn Kenyon

deam hunter

This first up-close and personal look at the legendary Dream Hunters added bits to their mythology and confirmed they’re born, not created. Some Oneroi help Dark Hunters and some police dreams to keep Skoti out. Skoti are predators that inhabit and alter dreams to feel emotion.

After stalking archaeologist Geary Kafieri for months, Skoti Dream Hunter, Arikos, is desperate for emotions and strikes a bargain with Hades. Though she resents her hasty promise at her father’s deathbed, Geary is equally determined to polish his tarnished reputation by proving the existence of Atlantis yet not fall into the family obsession of searching for it. Until her father’s reason is handed to her.

Like her father before her, Geary’s expedition is plagued with accidents, deaths, permit issues and other misfortunes. Fish out of water, Arik removes Geary’s problems and obstacles so she can help him experience chocolate, dating, clothes and everything else life has to offer. Arik’s self-involved behavior is hard to take in light of Geary’s troubles until it becomes clear what and why he is.

Secondary character, Skoti Solin brought secrets, support and humor to the party and made this reader curious to know more about him. With a separate mythology and little interaction with Dark Hunters, crossover cameos and mentions linked the series but felt unnecessary and shoe-horned, especially since the timeline was off from the Dark Hunter portion.

If taken as a stand-alone, this outing reads like a fantasy with romance, mythology and paranormal elements. Taken as a Dark Hunter entry it lacks the degree of visceral menace, danger and action crucial to the overall series, making it difficult to rate. However, this reader admits to a greater appreciation of the outing itself during the re-reading.

originally read march 2012/3stars
rating 3.75stars

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