Awakened by Elisabeth Naughton


***A complimentary copy of this read was furnished by NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review***

Rather than be bound to childhood nemesis, Nereus,  especially for political gain, Argonaut offspring, Princess Elysia flashes herself from Argolea to the Aegis Mountain planning to escape to the human realm. Before she has a chance to put her plan in action, Elysia’s captured by Sirens

 Elysia’s friends and cousins, Max and Talisa understand Elysia’s frustration and anger. They follow to save her from herself afraid she’s gone to the human realm. At the mountain, the duo finds clues of a slaughter but not Elysia, a survivor tells them the witches tent city was attacked by Sirens and Elysia was taken to Pandora!

 Talisa and Max take the witch to their parents at the argonaut offices and locate the elders. Skyla and Daphne give everyone an overview of siren training and dash their hopes for a quick rescue. The elders decide Elysia’s being used in retaliation for an earlier affront to Zeus.

 Waking in her new environment with broken memories, Elysia makes short work of the survival tasks set for her. Aphrodite’s current lover Damon longs to be free of his lot in life of constantly pleasuring Aphrodite and looks forward to his part in training the potential sirens. Temporarily partnered with Elysia, Damon wonders why she was chosen as his attraction to her grows.

Zeus and Athena pursue dreams of revenge and power as they watch the fated lovers; Elysia and Damon’s desire for each other deviate from siren training as they both make sacrifices for each other; Max and Talisa mount a rescue attempt unbeknown to the elder argonauts; also the Fates cackle as they devise ways to upset Zeus’ plans possibly with the help of Hades offspring.

 This good and busy read was surprisingly a bit talky, even with a lot of activity, plots, schemes and machinations. 25 years have passed in this world and it was good to see the couples that started this ride in nodding but meaningful cameo roles but this story was definitely not about them.  Their babies are all grown up and ready for their own rocky, silly, sexy romances.

Rating: 4.25stars

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