Crazy Cool by Tara Janzen

Crazy Cool

Forced to leave Peter ‘Kid Chaos’ Chronopolous in the hands of their enemies in a Columbian jungle, Christian Hawkins and Dylan Hart are anxious to get back to find their brother. They needed to bring him or his body stateside. As soon as they hit Colorado with a barely alive JT, Hawkins and Hart are assigned as a security detail for a society event.

When Special Defense Force (SDF) Agent Christian Hawkins last saw Senator’s daughter and trouble magnet Kat (Katya) Dekker, he was unknowingly taking his first halting steps toward a wrongful conviction for murder after saving Kat from a horrific rape scenario.

Time has passed and things have changed but Kat’s still a sexy trouble magnet Hawkins can’t resist. Kat knows she owes Hawkins at least an apology but somehow isn’t able to get the words out before they become targets.

Now that all the players are back home, it appears somebody’s determined to finish what was started thirteen years ago. It doesn’t take much more for Hawkins to pick up the broad strokes and quickly discern that what even if he can’t readily pick out the who or why of the situation.

This reader confesses not being a fan of Kid having the secondary thread as this tale began with him trying to elude capture but flashbacks down memory lane of what went wrong in a teen-aged romance wasn’t any better for my taste. Skeeter’s tiny thread with a budding romance was awkwardly enjoyable.

Now that a few  truths see the light of day and a couple of conspiracies begin to fray and a romance or two get a chance to heat up, readers of the foundation story see payoff on those threads and seeds for the next few books are strewn about as the gang gets a chance to rev their engines … (or at least a few of them do) to the rescue.

This sophomore effort was as fun as the first… taken in context and for this reader that context is the equivalent of a summer blockbuster movie. An entertaining way to spend an hour or two while the tall, smoldering hunk of  alpha male is able to keep it together long enough to get the job done and the reward is the attentions of a hot, sexy bit of femininity that has occupied his brain since they met. FUN!


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