I Love This Bar by Carolyn Brown

i love this bar

Bar owner/Vet Tech Daisy O’Dell and rancher Jarod McElroy didn’t exactly meet cute.  Actually, it could have been ugly when the pair slipped in beer someone spilled on the floor of the local watering hole Daisy owned, The Honky Tonk.  From that instant neither Daisy nor Jarod could get through five minutes without thoughts of the other.

In the meantime a host of quirky and stereotypical characters are introduced, including ’roundheel’ Chigger, with her heart of gold and the heart of a local rancher in her hand, Chigger’s mother who believes Chigger stays out weekend nights playing monopoly and Jarod’s elderly, cantankerous uncle who isn’t above playing senile to get his way.

Chigger and the uncle try to convince Daisy and Jarod to see how perfect they are for each other. But Jarod’s ended several wedding days without a wife and the last candidate he’d choose is a barmaid. Daisy’s definitely not trying to complicate her life by adding a man to it, especially one who seems to lack respect for her job.

Sexy, sassy women against smoldering, handsome boys next door that do wonders for jeans and wear cowboy hats have minor conflicts and country music lyrics come to life make this small town Texas outing unexpectedly, innocently cute. The corny, stereotypical, ‘punny’ jokes, wacky situations and fun characters were fitting and made this reader laugh out loud several times.

Rating: 4.25stars

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