My Give A Damn’s Busted by Carolyn Brown

my give a damn's busted

Sassy Larissa Morley is the latest owner of the Honky Tonk and keeps up the tradition by ending her man drought when she lays eyes on a sexy cowboy. Except Hank Wells’ not the real thing, he’s a drugstore cowboy with a new plan to buy out the Honky Tonk. Hank didn’t intend to meet Larissa over a dead deer or start to like her over iced tea in Mason jars. But he did and he really did.

Problem is, she likes him, too and Hank sets off Larissa’s but radar. He makes her girl parts quiver but he’s a fake cowboy and knowing that the radar is still pinging like crazy! Trying to stay away from each other proves to be an impossibility, not only is the town too small to avoid anybody but the pull they feel is irresistible to both of them.

But when Hank’s secrets come tumbling out he may find Larissa’s give a damn’s not only busted, it might be plumb broke! There are tears, anger and coping when everything comes to light then oh so much cuteness as the courtship begins in earnest. Hank’s sexy, rugged and drugstores have good things inside. Larissa seems to be Ruby Lee come back to life, given the givens as this read unfolds.

While the middle read of this trilogy wasn’t to my taste, this enjoyably quirky series that proudly played it’s jukebox with country classics, had unabashedly odd characters that were easy to visualize taking out their teeth, wouldn’t mind spitting tobacco and zinging you with their wit will be missed.

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