Predatory by Alexandra Ivy


Out of Control – Alexandra Ivy (Sentinels .5)(3.5stars)
Sentinel hunter, Niko is in the human realm to protect latent high-blood geneticist, Angela Locke from Dylan. Dylan’s left a bloody path behind her escaping from Valhalla, the safe-house realm for high-bloods (supernatural) that do not easily blend with humans. Though Niko’s bound to capture Dylan, he can’t help falling for the awkward scientist.

Seeing Dylan in action, Angela agrees to help him save her life. This short sets a good foundation for the world but even for a paranormal short, the romance was too rushed and seemed to be missing pieces for my taste.

Ties That Bind – Nina Bangs (4.25stars)
Cassie is terrified of dead people but promised to sit at her friend’s job while she takes care of an emergency. When two men come to finish their work, Carrie can only take comfort in the fact that they’re alive and not zombies because they scare the daylights out of her. Cassie has every right to be scared since they don’t plan good things for her. Defending herself, Carrie unleashes Ethan, a vampire.

This engaging tale is reminiscent of old fashioned vampire movies and it’s so well written you practically hear melodramatic music. There’s a fair amount of action on the way to romance. This reader was glad it was a novella since the read was a little scarier than I like.

In Still Darkness – Dianne Duvall (Immortal Guardians 3.5)(4.25stars)
Immortal guardian Richart d’Alencon is on patrol to save humans from vampires when he sees two young vampires preparing to attack single mom Jenna McBride and stops them before they can. Richart erases he memory for Jenna but recognizes Jenna as a gifted one and his mate. Now if only he can convince her. Jenna doesn’t believe in vampires and has no idea why Richart is suddenly vital to her.

Stake Out – Hannah Jayne (Underworld Detection Agency 4.5) (3.25stars)
Vampire Nina LaShay dreams of her own clothing line that she’ll cleverly call, Drop Dead. Nina enters a contest that will get her just that but the finalists are all ending up dead making her a very likely suspect. Can Nina outwit the police and find the murderer before she’s arrested? This light entry was my least favorite as the writing style was not to my taste and I couldn’t connect with the characters.
Overall Rating: 4stars

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