Eternal Blood by Laura Wright


Impure vampire Gray Donohue wants three things. One for his sister, Sara, her pureblood husband, Alexander, and his brothers to stop hovering; two, to have purpose and; three to not be a receiver for everyone’s random thoughts anytime they’re near. Now if he can keep Dillon out of his thoughts especially at the wrong time he could enjoy plenty of random sex for a start on his new life.

But Gray’s strike for independence gains him things he doesn’t think he wants. First is a brush with an Impure resistance group then sex is interrupted by thoughts of Dillon and if that wasn’t enough, he gets kidnapped by the Order for blood castration (removal of all desire and ability to reproduce).and learns things about his father that he ever knew before he’s kidnapped again. By Dillon!

At first blush it seems Gray’s wanderings yielded nothing more than a hook-up or two but definitely not so as there’s much more than new additions for his personal steaming pile. This short ensured there’s more than enough to share with the entire family.
Rating 3.5stars

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