Dead After Dark by Sherrilyn Kenyon


Shadow of the Moon by Sherrilyn Kenyon (Darkhunterverse #15.6/Were-hunter #3.5) Rating: 4.5stars
Arcadian were-hunter Angelia not only almost killed Fury Kattalakis’ when his brother Dare revealed Fury was Katagarian, she broke his heart and their future. Now Angelia and Dare are traveling through time using the magic of their tessa to strip Katagarians of their powers. Looking to finish a shifter that got away, they travel to Sanctuary where they promptly attack Fury.

Remembering the times she’d shared with Fury, Angelia helps a severely injured Fury escape and has to come face to face with some home truths. News of the tessera ambushes and their new magic has spread and Fury does the only thing he knows to end Dare’s ambushes. While Fury’s a favorite, I wanted a better mate for him. (Note: This short is also available in the Short Bites Anthology)

The Story of Son by J.R. Ward (Stand Alone) Rating: 4.5stars
High-powered attorney Claire Stoughton’s job is also her personal life. When an elderly client, Mrs. Leeds, insists Claire come to the house for a signature, Claire’s wondering how quickly they can be done so she can go back to the office. Ignoring Claire’s protests of not wanting to meet a man or become involved with anyone, Mrs. Leeds ensures Claire and her son meet.

Aroused by the scents around her, Claire’s frightened in the dark with chains rattling, but then she meets Mrs. Leeds son and sympathizes over his lonely existence. Claire’s affected by his innocence and promises to show him her reality but he refuses since it’s forbidden. (Note: This short’s set in Caldwell but isn’t part of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series)

Beyond the Night by Susan Squires (Companion #6.5) Rating: 4.25stars
After years at sea, Drew Carlowe returned home unrecognizable and re-invented from stable boy Andy Cooper and bought the second grandest property in the area. The locals aren’t impressed, they’re convinced the house is haunted by a blood-sucking ghost. When Drew arrives, vampire Freya’s appalled that Drew’s treating the house like it’s his when her father’s owned it for centuries.

The townsfolk tell Drew the reason for his return no longer exists, Drew decides to rid his home of the feminine entity that mesmerized him and drank his blood the previous night. However, when Drew finds Freya he finds out they share an enemy and an attraction. This was my first Susan Squires read but I am intrigued by this world and will read the series.

Midnight Kiss Goodbye by Dianna Love (Belador #.5) Rating:3.5stars
Neither Trey McCree nor Sasha Armand has forgotten anything about their relationship. Not the days, the nights or the time Trey left Sasha to work for VIPER (Vigilante International Protectors Elite Regiment) as a Belador warrior. Though Trey watched over Sasha during their time apart, Sasha was completely unaware and caught off-guard when he stepped from the shadows.

Fledgling witch Sasha was seeking Kujoo magician, Ekkbar, believing he could help her save her sister though Trey was tracking Sasha out of affection for safety and to ensure Ekkbar minded the tentative truce between their people. Ekkbar was there looking for a way to free himself from a curse that had him living in servitude to a cruel Hindu lord.

This outing was somewhat interesting but more confusing and made this entry seem rushed and incomplete. Luckily for this reader, the bulk of this information is folded into the series as part of a more cohesive tale, it also leads to the opening scene of Blood Trinity.
Overall Rating: 4stars

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