The Man Within by Lora Leigh


Since Callan brought his cobbled pride into the media spotlight, the question remains if they’re in more or less danger. Public opinion, outrage and support are split between sympathizers and purists. Meanwhile the council minions search for hybrids that escaped when many of the labs were raided but some labs weren’t discovered so testing continues and the lure of testing mates is almost irresistible.

The revelation of Breeds has a special impact on Roni Andrews. Taber Williams was her teenage fantasy. They were never lovers but according to Merinus Tyler and the mark on her neck he made her his mate before he abandoned her over a year ago. Unknown to Roni and Taber a betrayer in their midst, helped them out of their relationship. Now her greedy father wants to use her to get rich quick.

With intrepid journalists, gossiping townsfolk and a greedy father swarming, Roni knew she’d have to leave the home she’d painstakingly built and use her wits to avoid becoming a story or project. Seeing his damsel in distress on television and knowing the Council would try to capture her, Taber mounted a rescue. Going with Taber after the way he left was a last resort but she had to get away.

An aborted kidnapping attempt makes Roni’s new reality sink in and she realizes she and Meri are as much in demand and danger as their men if not more. Meri explains the theories, conspiracies and hate groups include her and Roni since the council’s interested in breed mating habits and offspring. Now that Roni is living at the Breed sanctuary, her father decides it’s time for a reunion.

With the revelation of high ranking officials personal involvement and government dollars directed to Breed creation, the government provides Callan with landed estates and funding to provide a haven for Breeds seeking sanctuary. Breed characters are introduced and Meri’s family continues their support. Sheera scowls and Kane blusters while their antagonistic romance simmers in the background.

The sturdier story line and fuller fleshed leads in this sophomore outing are almost obscured by the copious amounts of sex underscoring the series is firmly rooted in erotica. Again the read isn’t dated by popular name-checking of the era and provides a satisfying climax full of intrigue and teased information upping the anxiety quotient for the next outing.
Originally Read Sept 2011

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