Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris


Senator’s daughter Dr. Grace Campbell’s life changed when her father announced his bid for the presidency. A coworker’s sudden interest in walking her to her car and taking her for a drink when she hadn’t dated since her last boyfriend scampered away a year ago. Now that ex is engaged and working on her father’s campaign. Plus a stranger somehow got in the secured lot and threatened her.

As much as HOT agent Garrett “Iceman” Spencer didn’t want the babysit duty for a spoiled rich girl, he didn’t want or need the guys to know he was the epitome of a southern gentleman, steeped in genteel manners, etiquette and charm from the cradle. Neither did they need to know he had an ex-wife and a daughter. And Grace is wearing the same haughty, bratty look that drew him to his ex-wife.

Iceman and Grace aren’t happy with the plan but no doubt he’d protect her against any oncoming threat. Terrorists and governments alike want Grace’s knowledge to mix a deadly super virus that can destroy enemies or nations at will. Added complication, Ian Black is back as Grace’s family friend. Last seen with smallpox vials and terrorists, the team is wary of Ian at their backs and his allegiance.

Emotionally vulnerable Grace was a contradictory puzzle her muscled protector wanted to solve and keep, especially when danger blew through Grace’s door and she looked for Ice to lead them in a sprint to safety. The team was ready to go to work as they saw the threat to Grace as an attack on their own and proof of either a high-level conspiracy or a high-level leak that needed to be stopped now!

Flash flexed in the outing’s reflected spotlight as the go to team member while Ice’s secrets flowed like water bringing him out of the shadows. There was great chemistry and steamy sex between the muscled protector and sexy librarian in this typically fast paced read. This guilty pleasure doesn’t disappoint or skimp on action, romance or drama as HOT lives up to the name and the acronym.


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