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Lawman by Regina Carlysle


Mountain sized lycan lieutenant of the Wolf Creek Pack and local sheriff Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Dunham is delaying his claim and trying not to rush his still fragile intended mate, librarian Katalin ‘Kat’ Petrova. It’d taken 200 years to find her so he’d wait. Gabe’s burning the candle at both ends watching over Kat all night and ‘sheriffing’ all day,but not chasing the increasingly bold rogues kidnapping gifted lycans.

Rescued from kidnappers before they could rape her or her sister Sara, still learning to master her gift of telekinesis and the still fresh ache of her father murdering her mother and planning to sell her and Sara has robbed Kat of her ability to cope. Gabe’s frustration mounts as Kat agrees with the lycan therapist that she learn to cope alone before she mates Gabe despite their strong emotional bond.

After taking care of Kat in a crisis and not making her emotions or telekinesis unstable, Gabe suggested moving in to his place for comfort. Life with Gabe makes Kat happy, she thinking about life with Gabe and their consummation ceremony helps stabilize her power. The Wolf Creek pack goes on high alert when they hear an unmated, gifted female from a neighboring pack was kidnapped by the Hellfire pack.
Rating: 4stars


Aiden’s Charity by Lora Leigh



Careful not to betray himself or his pack mates to the cruel scientists in the Mexican lab, Aiden fought his desire for Charity. He refused to do Delia Bainsmith’s bidding and begged Charity to let him die. Trying to save Aiden’s life, Charity did what was necessary against his will. Aiden swore vengeance as he felt the change and hunted Charity when the lab exploded and the workers were reassigned.

Years later, Aiden found Charity near death, bleeding and crawling through the rubble of the freshly raided South American lab. Charity had been unmasked months ago as a council traitor for smuggling information and freeing winged breeds. She became an experiment when they realized she was mated to Aiden. Furious, Aiden wanted his sworn vengeance despite what his senses screamed.

This outing wraps the Mexican lab wolf pack establishing a far and separate sanctuary from the felines in the East. This outing is stronger than its predecessors of this arc to my taste, with more suspense, action and answers, in addition to new information from the labs and exciting new breeds and characters.
Rating: 4stars

Jacob’s Faith by Lora Leigh




To expand their spy’s information on breed mating, the council’s Mexican lab has plans for their wolf pack. Delia Bainsmith orders Jacob to mate their sole female, Faith, after over dosing her with aphrodisiacs and locking her in Jacob’s cage. Meanwhile, Wolfe is ordered to mate Hope awhile Faith’s brother Aiden undergoes a different torture under Bainsmith’s direction.

Faith had a crush on Jacob as long as the pack could remember and he didn’t want to do this. He couldn’t let her be handed to the guards as a plaything plus she smelled so good he couldn’t resist. Drugged and immature, Faith didn’t understand what was happening, Jacob knew what happened between them but had little chance to correct it when the lab was exploded and the pack scattered.

Six years later, Jacob returns to help the pack ensure their Alpha finds his mate but disappears again. Sharing information with the feline sanctuary, Wolfe quickly sees a solution to a problem and sends pack liaison, Faith on a mission to locate remote enforcer Jacob. Wolfe realized Faith and Jacob’s mating was incomplete and forced them together to resolve their issues.

Clear but fumbling rationalization for character actions, deja vu and a somewhat limp story didn’t help the barely there leads for my taste. This reader was also disappointed by the possibilities left unexplored, the first breed mating, a new clan being established, a species thought to be dead, first time in a lab, etc.
Rating: 3stars

Wolfe’s Hope by Lora Leigh

Delia Bainsmith is the lead scientist of the Mexican lab for the dreaded council in charge of imprisoning and experimenting on the Breeds they’d created. When Wolfe kills a guard to protect Delia’s daughter, Hope, Delia surmises it’s the trigger for the mating bond and orders Wolfe to impregnate Hope for the next phase of the council’s plan.

After the explosion that destroyed the lab, Delia spent years trying to locate the breed wolves or proof of their death. Meanwhile she kept an eye on Hope’s reactions to the mating bond and taunted an increasingly irate Wolfe with untruths once he learned his whereabouts. Wolfe summons the pack to help him retrieve Hope from the council’s clutches.

For this readers taste this outing was much too short to revisit Breed history. There was little space left to Hope and Wolfe’s relationship with each other or the reader except the sex. What’s here is complete and fairly good and works for the series but feels extremely rushed.
Rating: 3stars

Edge of Nowhere by Regina Carlysle


When the unmated women were abducted from their alpha couple, Joe and Quinn’s mating celebration, Wolf Creek ranch hand Cactus Mackey was one of men determined to rescue them. Following a trail into Mexico Cactus finds he hasn’t caught the rogues kidnapping random unmated females, he’s caught a group rounding up gifted unmated female lycans.

Among the women just saved from rape, Cactus is locked onto his mate, Sara. She and her sister were bartered to the Hellfire pack when their father discovered gifts he didn’t know they had. In itself, the story was extremely erotic and the ongoing thread following the kidnapping found a bit of resolution but deja vu was a huge issue for this reader during the outing. Accounting for some overlap is the read runs parallel to Rayne Poteet and Ringo Ramone’s story. (P3pp3rp0t’s Review of Ringo’s Ride)

Tanner’s Scheme by Lora Leigh


Scheme Tallant planned to both defy and destroy her father, Cyrus, by handing all his files on breed testing and the secret labs to Jonas Wyatt. Cyrus concluded Scheme’s decision to betray him cut their family ties. Tanner Reynolds, former enforcer and resident Breed playboy and PR rep, believes the Scheme presented as Cyrus’ daughter in more ways than one. And he’s fascinated but so is she.

Tanner’s tired of swallowing his need for vengeance against the council. Scheme would make as good a sacrifice as any especially since they could have a bit of fun between the kidnapping and the killing. Scheme’s frustrated when Jonas doesn’t show for their meeting as her plan was to ask for asylum with the breeds as all trust in her father and his henchman was gone. So was her father’s trust in her.

When Scheme’s ex-lover, an assassin comes to Scheme’s room and talks too much in preparation of doing his work, Tanner can’t stop himself from killing the assassin and kidnapping her. He tries to bully Scheme into giving him answers but neither trusts the other enough to be honest and Tanner’s confused by his reaction to Scheme and constantly checks for the onset of mating heat.

Both Jonas and Cyrus have plans in play that involve manipulating Scheme. Scheme’s unable to trust anyone, held prisoner and with nowhere to run even if she does escape. What’s a girl to do? Tanner holds Scheme against her will until he realizes he’s wrong about her and how much danger she’s in. And he’s frustrated over a mating heat that won’t come. What’s a Breed to think??

This series comfortably fits in the guilty pleasure slot of my reader. At the outset of this read, Tanner’s ruthlessly shrewd character was different than any Tanner even hinted at previously and didn’t particularly work for this reader. I liked Scheme’s character but not her name so much and felt their bone of contention went over long. As well as that of the Sanctuary Spy.

Harmony’s Way by Lora Leigh


Notorious lion breed assassin Harmony Lancaster has no problem dealing the death she’s named for. As a mercenary she’d sell out anyone and Jonas thinks she’s sold Breed secrets. He has no choice but to send the remainder of the elite breed enforcers against her. Even if she is his sister. But wheeling, dealing, shrewd big brother Jonas has other plans in mind for Harmony.

Harmony’s undercover assignment is the purists who just happen to be having a well publicized protest near Braden and Megan’s ranch in Broken Butte. Harmony’s willing to do the job since it’d save her from breed law and it’s only for six months. Out for fun on her first night in town Harmony put things on sexy sheriff Lance Jacobs’ mind that barely lets him think of anything besides being in Harmony.

Lance and Harmony made a pretty good couple with excellent chemistry and steamy sex. Lance was quite the package and this reader appreciated Harmony’s vulnerability. It always refreshing to see the breeds and their mates stand toe to toe with Jonas’ especially when he’s being cruel. Jonas’ story and more about new characters Dane, Ryan and the Leo are outings this reader looks forward to.
Originally Read Sep 2011

Megan’s Mark by Lora Leigh



The aging process of breeds and their mates and mating heat are major concerns for lion breed Jonas Wyatt as a breed and as head of breed security. Relatively few in number the breeds would be in even more mortal danger if blood supremacists knew those things. He also had to keep them from finding out a possible mated couple had escaped. He’d assign feline breed Braden Arness after his meeting.

Her usual patrol of the desert wasn’t giving New Mexico law enforcement officer, Megan Fields the peace it usually did for her empathy overload. Violence, fear and death came off the dead bodies in the incapacitated jeep and she knew she was being watched but didn’t know by who or where they were. Braden, in assassin mode, was tracking the runaways and coyote breeds tracking Megan.

Megan’s empathy almost thwarted her dream of being the law but saved her from the coyotes. Braden’s nearness calmed her empathy and excited her libido. During the murder investigation, Megan sniped about Braden’s effect on her, he ended that new argument with a kiss igniting their hormones. Snarky Jonas’ surprise visit made their lives harder than they needed to be as he explained mating heat.

Megan made sure Jonas knew what she thought of him and his tactics while Braden countered Jonas’ usual high handed take it and like it information dump with Megan’s needs in mind. Prickly alpha Megan was hard to like at first as she fought everything and everyone for a bit of control. Uber-alpha Braden exuded an assassin’s demeanor as he and Megan partnered to methodically work the case.

While this outing is sexual, it focuses more on characters and the mystery also it’s less erotic, than its predecessors. The mystery itself was intriguing as readers had some answers but not others as the newly mated pair fought for their lives against equally results oriented council members and their coyote army with exciting play and results.
Originally Read Sep 2011

Soul Deep by Lora Leigh



Coyote Breed Kiowa Bear agreed to help Callan and Dash watch over the president’s daughter, Amanda Marion while Breed initiatives were being readied for voting. As Kiowa watched, Amanda’s door opened and shut quickly and he heard a muffled scream. Frustrated Amanda’s secret service detail didn’t respond, Kiowa sighed as he unsheathed his weapon rescue the now unconscious woman.

Kiowa was anxious for Dash to arrive so they could get Amanda to safety before the blood supremacists found them but Amanda gained consciousness first. Amanda mistook Kiowa for one of the men that broke in her house and readied a scream, Kiowa didn’t know silencing Amanda with a kiss could ignite mating heat. It did. Now the President’s daughter was a Breed’s mate, what a cluster!

This reader had several opinions of this outing. Cassie’s becoming increasingly creepy, Dash and Cassie had flitting cameos in this almost overpoweringly guff Kiowa and strident Amanda showcase and their issues were resolved too quickly to see this fast paced outing as more than filler. The action pieces brought their own heat while the early and often sex was a mixed bag.
Originally Read Sep 2011

Kiss of Heat by Lora Leigh


The last seven years have been hard neither knew what happened to the other but the last seven years have been hard for Sherra Callahan and Kane Tyler. For the scientists, their coupling was an experiment but for them it was real. They parted with stars in their eyes and plans for a future. Kane promised to come back and free her. Sherra loved and believed him but Kane never came.

The scientists were pleased Sherra was pregnant but after she lost her baby, deep in heartbreak and grief, Sherra decided she wouldn’t be fooled again and she wouldn’t forgive Kane Tyler with her last breath. Kane was attacked and left for dead in the jungle when he left Sherra. When Kane began his search for Sherra he was told she was dead, igniting his determination to uncover the council’s secrets.

Sherra was in heat. Every breed on the property and the doctor knew it. The core group and their mates knew practically everything about her. Kane strutted around the property as bad as any Breed male and he wouldn’t stay out of her way. She didn’t know he knew about her being in heat or the baby or that they were mates until he announced it in a meeting to stop an argument. He still loved her.

Attacks on the compound, Roni’s family ties to a premier hate group, and booby trapped land all took a back seat as the couple struggled to get past Kane’s arrogance and Sherra’s hostility. The proximity of their incomplete mating was an issue for the entire compound. Sherra didn’t intend to claim her mate and Kane decided if his mate wouldn’t claim him, he’d claim her. But that wasn’t enough.
Originally Read 09/11

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