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Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer

The previous outing left Vhypher escaping after stealing the Daemon blade that held the vicious Daemon King and his horde, a high level mage switching sides and be-spelling half of Tighe’s soul in a clone leaving only seven Feral Warriors to help their brethren and protect humans from the draden. Things got complicated when Tighe found himself seeing through the clone’s eyes and saw… her.

FBI agent Delaney Randall’s hot on the trail of an elusive serial killer that specializes in women and children. Having been that child, Delaney didn’t want another in that position. Though she escaped the mad man he must’ve done something to her because now she’s glimpsing new murders as he commits them.

It was bad enough Tighe was helpless to stop the murders he saw through the clone’s eyes but somehow Delaney’s hijacked them. His brethren’s sure Delaney’s death will restore the visions to him. Tighe’s too protective to let that happen though Delaney dredges memories he’d rather forget. When they meet, Tighe’s story ensures Delaney thinks he’s the killer on drugs. And woo hoo is he sexy!

This outing had great intrigue and the likeable leads chemistry was explosive in this cat and mouse tale. Delaney’s comfort zone of only black and white threatened the HEA a few times but softness did what softness does. The secondary thread of chasing the blade could’ve been tedious but had a twist or two of its own and was infrequent enough to create its own degree of excitement for its chapters.


Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer


When the Radiant didn’t appear to the immortal shape-shifting Therian feral warriors to recharge their power and ascend, they waited. In no shape to fight the warriors desperately perform a ceremony to reveal the Radiant’s location and come close to unleashing demons on mankind. Warrior leader, Lyon knew he’d be drawn to find the radiant but had no reason to believe he’d be attracted to her as well.

Kara McAllister was content until a scar mysteriously appeared on her body, her mom was diagnosed as terminally ill and restlessness set in. Kara’s definitely unprepared for this big man in her kitchen demanding to see her scar. On their way to Lyon’s fellow warriors, he realizes Kara has no knowledge of Therians, let alone being the Radiant. Until she did, the warriors were in danger of remaining feral.

They return to the house and Kara’s mom only has time to tell her she isn’t really her mother. Moments after Kara’s mom dies, dradens attack. Shocked, Kara helps Lyon fight and in the aftermath he explains the impact of her scars but glosses over the ascension details. Though she remained curious, Kara fluctuated between wanting to know and not but remained curious.

Kara’s apprehensive about entering the house and afraid to stay when she learns her new housemates are shifters. Lyon rushes the choosing ceremony so Kara isn’t overwhelmed by so many rapid changes and to help ease the tension among so many male predators. During the ceremony, Kara’s desire to run increased as did her nightmares and the feeling of fear and terror permeating the house.

For my taste the detail of the rapidly paced world building was heavy handed at times in this fairly good story. Kara was more than wallpaper as she did double duty in a meaty role beyond the romance and guiding the reader through the nuances. The draden were rarely seen and the vividly drawn warriors (with oddly spelled names) were well established with great interaction and chemistry.
Rating: 4stars

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