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Blood Lust by Alexandra Ivy


St. Louis crime lord and renegade sentinel assassin Bas Cavrilo still remembers the first and last time he saw gorgeous clairvoyant Myst. That was the night they created their daughter Molly until Myst dropped 2 month old Molly at his apartment and disappeared again. Now Myst is back and Bas is demanding to know why, especially since Molly only recently survived a kidnapping by his enemies.

Bas listens as Myst explains being sold to the Brotherhood as a teen after a vision she’d create an Armageddon weapon, her escape and years of being their prey. Bas contacts The Mave, Lana to provide protection for Molly at Valhalla while he and Myst seek answers. Lana and Bas’ time as more than friends is long past but piques both Myst and Wolfe’s jealously when Lana agrees to help.

Brotherhood leader Stella’s confident it’s time for the weapon. As her minions search for confirmation the rumbles are heard in Valhalla and Stella plans beyond the step of eliminating Highbloods. Meticulous planning, a breach and a deviation from protocol are the perfect storm to position Stella for even more power when she stumbles onto things she can’t recognize. But then the big guns take aim.


The Heart of a Texas Cowboy by Linda Broday

***A complimentary copy of this read was furnished by Sourcebooks Casablanca through NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review***
When Houston Legend’s bride was killed at the altar before their vows, he wallowed in agony. As painful rumors and truths came to light, he wallowed in anger moving to adrift as his heart hardened. Unfortunate circumstances left Lara Boone, a damaged mother to a small daughter with no husband and no desire for a man in her life, wallowing in her own anguish.

Over late night cards and too many drinks, Stoker Legend loses half the family holdings to new neighbor Till Boone. The only negotiation Till will entertain is how soon Stoker can convince his son to marry Till’s daughter. An angry Houston’s obliged to do anything to secure his family’s legacy, even if it means marrying a woman he’s never met and claim her babe as his own.

Standing in front of a preacher with a tad of resentment for their fathers neither bride nor groom wanted to celebrate their somber, funeral-like wedding. Afterward, Houston realized the depth of Lara’s personal nightmare and vowed no force on earth would keep him from avenging his new bride or claiming his new daughter as he and Stoker greeted Lara as the new Legend matriarch.

Yuma, the well written villain of the piece was a threat on the page or looming in the distance. The remaining personable and distinct secondary characters supported the story and other characters well. Houston was quite the standout as the swoon-worthy hero women wanted and men wanted to be. Lara was no slouch displaying the type of clarity, grit and steel spine that built a nation.

The broken, damaged leads managed to fall in love as they traversed adventure, danger, deceit, heartbreak, shame and a madman’s revenge to find their way out of the dark to joyful new dreams and a new future as a family. This new to me author pandered to my innate penchant for stoic, protective heroes and weakness for cowboys. It’s a great rainy day read but a tad too intense for the beach.

Take Me Back by Rosalind James


***A complimentary copy of this read was furnished by Montlake Romance through NetGalley in exchange for an unbiased review***

Jim Lawson left Paradise to become an Army Ranger. He left a tearful Hallie in his wake before coming back to be the deputy sheriff. Henry Cavanaugh tried to force broken-hearted Hallie to stay but couldn’t. Now Hallie inherits her wickedly vindictive father’s wealth, but only if she lives in his home and stays out of Jim’s bed. Henry knew love for Jim could bring Hallie back but is Jim worth millions to her?

There could have been a helping hand in Henry’s death and somebody’s not quite as calm as they appear or maybe they’re not happy to see the prodigal daughter return. With Paradise being a small town and all, it doesn’t take long for the conditions of Hallie’s inheritance to become public and less time than that for townsfolk to become interested in the outcome as they sneak peeks at the couple.

Luckily, Hallie’s plans are to collect her money and leave, not settle down in Paradise. But seeing each other again reminded Jim and Hallie the feeling between them was anything but dead. Five years bring changes and in Jim’s case its family. He’s now a widower and a father. But for this reader’s taste the circumstances around Henri’s death and the star couple were a bit frustrating.

There are few things that can always be counted on but some sure things are in this series. One is the story will be well written and the characters have full lives. Another is the flawed hero is definitely older and wiser than twenty-something. He’s learned something from his mistakes and can admit he’s been a jerk. Also, there will be so many suspects they kill the suspense until you just want it to be over.

Obsession Untamed by Pamela Palmer

The previous outing left Vhypher escaping after stealing the Daemon blade that held the vicious Daemon King and his horde, a high level mage switching sides and be-spelling half of Tighe’s soul in a clone leaving only seven Feral Warriors to help their brethren and protect humans from the draden. Things got complicated when Tighe found himself seeing through the clone’s eyes and saw… her.

FBI agent Delaney Randall’s hot on the trail of an elusive serial killer that specializes in women and children. Having been that child, Delaney didn’t want another in that position. Though she escaped the mad man he must’ve done something to her because now she’s glimpsing new murders as he commits them.

It was bad enough Tighe was helpless to stop the murders he saw through the clone’s eyes but somehow Delaney’s hijacked them. His brethren’s sure Delaney’s death will restore the visions to him. Tighe’s too protective to let that happen though Delaney dredges memories he’d rather forget. When they meet, Tighe’s story ensures Delaney thinks he’s the killer on drugs. And woo hoo is he sexy!

This outing had great intrigue and the likeable leads chemistry was explosive in this cat and mouse tale. Delaney’s comfort zone of only black and white threatened the HEA a few times but softness did what softness does. The secondary thread of chasing the blade could’ve been tedious but had a twist or two of its own and was infrequent enough to create its own degree of excitement for its chapters.

Sinful Seduction by Katie Reus

It’s been a year but former Marine and new Red Stone Security agent Alexander Blue is still feeling things out. After wrapping the case that brought him to Key West, staying over a few extra days felt right. Going out to grab a bite to combat the loneliness, Blue goes to the rescue of local artist Mina Hollingsworth from three thugs during a not so simple mugging.

Mina tried to disguise the effect Blue had on her as she tended Blue at her apartment, she’s convinced he’s ex-military and there was more to the mugging since she was from a prominent family but refuses to call the police. Blue doesn’t understand why but doesn’t push as he tries to tamp down his feeling. As Mina’s kidnappers get new orders and watch them, Mina and Blue sort their feelings.
Rating: 4stars

Born in Death by J.D. Robb

Though it’s freezing cold and 4am, intrepid detective Eve Dallas can cope with the gruesome murder of an affianced couple from a high profile accounting firm better than the birthing coach class she and her multimillionaire husband Roarke attended the evening before for Eve’s friend Mavis or the images of birthing that were Eve’s nightmares aterward.

Emotionally traumatized with childhood familial issues, Eve and Roarke are completely out of their element supporting Mavis through the final stages of her pregnancy in easily the most hilarious read of this long running series despite the grisly murders. Things become more complicated for them after Mavis pulls the friendship thread when a single expectant mother doesn’t show up for her baby shower.

The international and financial implications and insinuations of the murder case bring distress to the Dallas/Roarke household but doesn’t lack for suspects as Eve begins to work the possible kidnap Mavis’ friend and persistently searches to find a common thread to see if the cases overlap. All the secondary characters are onboard to help more doggedly than ever in this fast paced suspense tale.

Against the Storm by Kat Martin

Former army ranger turned private investigator Trace Rawlins knew photographer Maggie O’Connell was trouble the moment he saw the red hair. But that didn’t stop either of them from looking and admiring. Trace wasted no time or extra energy protecting his client. Maggie and her friend, Roxy, saw and admired that, too. Roxy suggested Maggie hire Trace to find out who’s stalking and harassing her.

Three days later, another note on her car at her new apartment terrifies Maggie. The local police don’t believe her and aren’t helpful, they haven’t forgotten she filed a false report as a teenager, against a policeman’s son. Maggie hires Trace but doesn’t tell him about the issues the police. When he finds out, he quits her case. Trace answers Maggie’s frantic call when her stalker steps up his actions.

Back on the case, neither Trace nor Maggie can resist their feelings so they’re soon mixing business with pleasure. In the time Trace was off the case Maggie’s sister, Ashley moved in with an infant son. Trace’s wealthy client Jason Sommerset moves quickly to show his interest in Ashley when Trace introduces them and offers to help protect the sisters.

Maggie’s fear is ratcheted up a few notches when her stalker seems to step up the terror physically. With a higher and physical threat level, Ashley and the baby to worry about and her feelings for Trace growing stronger Maggie finds it hard to concentrate and decides she has to be ready get back to her life as answers for her case begin to fall in place.

The major and secondary characters were likeable, well fleshed and had great chemistry with each other. This reader enjoyed having two romances to invest in and the red herrings, not being able to easily identify the villain was also appreciated but seemed odd. Overall there was enough romance, mystery and suspense for a perfect rainy day read.
Rating: 4.25stars

Protecting His Witness by Katie Reus

Seven years ago former SEAL Vincent Hansen was looking forward to starting a new job with Red Stone and getting engaged to grad student Jordan Alvarado. But before he could ask her she disappeared. Jordan had seen the serial arsonist working the area, trying to escape his latest target with her unconscious friend and tried to stop him.

The case was so sensational and complex she was put in the witness protection program and now that the suspect and his accomplice are dead, Jordan’s left the program and tracked Vincent down. But somebody somewhere made a mistake because someone’s certainly stalking her now.

Brighter Than the Sun by Maya Banks

The day Rusty broke into Martha and Frank’s house, her life changed and it kept changing even after they adopted her into the Kelly clan as the only girl. Rusty’s been doing more than just watching her brother’s leave on deadly missions and absorbing her good fortune. She recognizes the same type of betrayal she lived before the Kelly’s in her friend, Zoe Kildare’s life and Rusty steps in to help.
After months on end of his mother’s matchmaking and listening to his brothers and teammates rhapsodize about their mates and children, last Kelly bachelor, Joe, is more determined than ever to stay that way. When Rusty introduces her friend, Zoe to the family, Joe takes one look at Zoe and knows she’s more than meets the eye but he’s unsure if this is another matchmaking attempt.

Determined to find out what Zoe’s hiding, Joe offers to show her around but finds himself falling fast. Zoe has difficulty adapting to Kelly clan life having grown up with that betrayal thing at the other end of the moral compass but can’t stop her budding feelings for Joe. Though Rusty keeps Zoe’s secrets and Zoe feels the need to flee before she can’t, trouble strikes to drag her back to the life she fled.

To save her friend, Rusty has to tell Zoe’s secrets and suffers scorn from her brothers and Sheriff Seth. The teams unite to reclaim Zoe as Joe runs screaming from insta-love and marital bliss toward Zoe to hold her tight. For this reader’s taste, all that needs to be said about the villain and the only word that fits is…lame.

Impressed with Rusty’s skill, she’s offered a place at KGI and her new direction changes the Kelly landscape while the rest of the clan gathers for cameos. Stubbornly fighting his foregone conclusion with Rusty, Sheriff Sean continues to suffer a severe case of the man doth protest too much hinting at an opportunity for two romances this outing.

Tough Customer by Sandra Brown


Goal oriented Dodge Henley doesn’t let rules, limits or other people’s concerns alter his plans. Unless that other person is Caroline King the one that got away. It’s been 30 years but Caroline knows if anyone can and will help her daughter, Berry, it’s her father, Dodge. Since the one and only time, Dodge saw Berry was the day she was born, he argued with himself about it and the guilt won.

Berry’s case is anything but simple, unwanted attention at work became stalking became attempted murder and a threat to her life. Meanwhile Berry’s not sure how Dodge fits in the picture and she can’t figure out Detective Ski Nyland and the circumstances of the assault are complicating her work life. Plus, it’s not that Ski doesn’t believe Berry, but…he doubted until Oren turned into a murderer.

With the murder, Ski began to realize his interest in the case was more than just catching Oren. As the villain of the piece, Oren Starks had a lot of ground to cover and plenty of people to terrify. For my taste he alternated levels of insane and psychotic, he was also intimidating but not necessarily frightening in his scenes. Oren’s essence was on the page even when he wasn’t.

This outing was very much an emotional soup. There was Caroline and Dodge with decades of baggage to work through, Berry with the secrets she kept and the secrets kept from her as she fell in love there was also Ski on a very fine line to getting involved with a principal on an open case and unable to disguise his feelings anymore. Quite the engrossing medium fast read.

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